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We are a city built on character and spirit, made up of layers and overlapping networks, in which people and communities work together in a very natural way.

One third of Sheffield sits in the Peak District National Park (making us England’s greenest city) and we have the highest ratio of trees to people of any European city.

So despite our commonly used nickname, these days we’re less ‘Steel City’ and more ‘Real City’. 

We will never disregard our past (our specialism for advanced manufacturing has evolved from our heavy industrial heritage), and we still make a lot of steel - but we’ve learnt to keep one eye keenly focused on the potential of other sector opportunities, combining well-being and quality of life with education and careers to build a multi-dimensional future for people.

This attracts people, businesses, research, culture and investors to our seven hills from all over the world, thanks to the unique opportunities here.  

We get on with things with friendly determination, despite not having much of the limelight and needing to tackle the inevitable social differences encountered as the country’s fourth largest city.

We're not perfect by a long stretch, but as a bunch of inventive people in a city that cannot stand still, we’ll keep trying to make things better.

Sheffield has always been a city that makes things. Making is in our blood, it’s just the things that we make continually change, as the world around us does too.

So take a look around - whether you’re looking to live, work, visit or invest here - we’ve got a sneaky feeling we make more than most people know.


The Outdoor City

Where nature and culture intertwine




Sheffield Property Association

Value is more than bricks and mortar

Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park

A legacy for the nation

Defining character

Sir Michael

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Street art

The Mausoleum of the Giants and more immersive experiences

The Home of Football

Awarded FIFA order of merit, Sheffield is where the beautiful game began


Something we're proud to be known for



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