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Soup Events are live crowdfunding of projects chosen by Sheffield People.

The Grants are made up of people's entry donation on a live pitch night.  Each ‘micro investor’ donates a minimum of £5. Four people each pitch an idea that has been selected by Sheffield Residents – often whittled down from 20+ applications.  The audience privately cast their vote, and the winning pitch receives 100% of the door receipts!
Their first-ever ‘winner’ was The Real Junk Food Project, which ended up turning into the hugely successful Food Works project, led by Jo Hercberg.

The Soup movement started in Detroit but was brought to Sheffield by Pennie Raven in 2015. Her creative partner is Jonny Douglas (who also runs Sheffield’s Pecha Kucha events). Jonny is an accomplished and inspirational change catalyst; dedicating time to being at the heart of a diverse range of cultural and strategic initiatives. He has a wealth of experience in ‘making things happen’, always seeking to push boundaries through creativity, collaboration and harnessing talent; striving to make the world better for everyone.

He sits on a number of advisory boards on Enterprise, Economic Strategy and the CDI Sector for Sheffield City Council and the Local Enterprise Partnership and has recently been appointed to the Sheffield Creative Guild Board.


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