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Dot Shf & Sheffield.Digital

Collectively these two organisations have brought together a mass of work which has helped inform the content on this site relating to the digital technology sectors in the city, so we owe a huge debt of gratitude to them. They noticed that Sheffield was not getting the recognition it deserved and so produced a white paper to address the fact that despite the visual below, national focus seems to evade Sheffield.

They will continue to lobby national government to ensure Sheffield gets the recognition and support it needs in continuing to grow this incredible sector in the city.

Dot Shf

Dot Shf's ambition is for the city to build on our growing reputation as a digital leader by helping to combine the resources and efforts of those people and organisations who want to make a difference. 

The Smart Sheffield Report (2015) identified a number of domain areas that could form part of an approach to developing a Smart Sheffield. Dot Shf have borrowed and further developed these to fit the context of Sheffield today. The domains are basically agreed areas of focus with each domain covering a number of specific subject areas, or sub-domains and a number of key challenge questions to be addressed.

They believe it is important for the people and organisations involved in each of the domain groups to come to some consensus on what these challenge questions should be.

Their plans are continuing to develop and they welcome contributions from anyone in the Sheffield digital community, so if you have ideas, please share them here.


Sheffield.Digital is the organisation for businesses and individuals involved in Sheffield’s digital industries. Their aim is to help develop the best possible environment for setting up, working in and growing digital businesses in Sheffield and the surrounding region.

They exist for any individual or any business who identifies themselves as being involved in digital –  you might be a student, a freelancer, a contractor, a start-up, a growing business, a digital team in an organisation or the Sheffield office of a national or multi-national company. It's about inclusivity.

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