Co-founded by Sebastian Conran and Professor Tony Prescott of Sheffield Robotics, Consequential Robotics began by looking at how robots could help the elderly through innovative technologies.

Now though, they have teamed up with young patients cared for by Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust to design the next generation of MiRo for a new use. Interaction with animals is known to have health benefits, especially for those who regularly need to be in a hospital, but obviously it is not practical to have animals in clinical environments - for both hygiene reasons to humans and stress reasons to animals.

This is all part of a £1.5m, 5 year programme funded by a flagship Wellcome Trust Humanities and Social Sciences Collaborative, called the Imagining Technologies for Disability Futures project, which also involves the universities of Leeds, Dundee and Exeter as well as international partners in the US, Japan and Sweden.

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