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Staring at the stars

SPECT CT scanners produce dual-imaging results so that radiologists can take standard CT images and nuclear scans at the same time, thereby giving more accuracy and more tailored treatment.

They are relatively widely used - but are also quite scary and daunting for children as often you need to be in the machine for up to an hour at a time.

So the team at Sheffield Children's Hospital came up with a way of giving kids something inspirational and engaging to look at. They developed a system of hundreds of fibre optic lights that could be arranged into realistic maps of the stars and constellations, thereby relaxing and calming children during the lengthy process.

The £800,000 cost of the scanner was raised by The Children’s Hospital Charity’s 'National Elf Service' campaign, Graham Royle of GRI Group, Matt Davison of Portland Investment Group, and another anonymous donor. Dan Walker’s annual celebrity golf day at Hallamshire Golf Club also raised £50,000 and the ‘Children’s Champions’ group of individuals, companies and private family trusts raised £78,000.

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