The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

If you've been looking around this website (or continue to do so), you'll notice the University of Sheffield's Advance Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) is mentioned a fair few times. That's simply because there is just so much phenomenal work going on there.

They centre literally is a network of world-leading research and innovation centres working with manufacturing companies of any size from around the globe. Research is either generic (i.e. carried out on behalf of the AMRc partnership), specific (i.e. to a funding organisation on a commissioned basis), and collaborative (i.e. in partnership with authoritative bodies and other research centres).

Their full list of capabilities is impressive to say the least:

Companies like McLaren and Boeing are the easy ones to write about, but there is incredible, pioneering work going on that whilst it doesn't have the brand name associated with it, is equally as ground breaking. For example, in November 2019 the centre joined forces with a UK tech start-up and a global engineering giant in a transatlantic bid for the National Research Council Canada to disrupt the $3 billion metal additive manufacture (AM) market by using Artificial Intelligence and robotics to carry out the labour intensive removal of the support structures essential in AM.

And closer to home there is amazing VR gaming technology being used by companies like Yorkshire Water to design futuristic sites without the environmental or physical cost of doing so on the ground. They also put on fantastic events giving back to the local community and amplifying the brilliance of what happens here.



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