The Energy Institute

Everything needs energy. From powering the cars we drive, to the industrial processes that provide us with those same cars. But our growing population and desire to consume is demanding more. At current rates of economic growth and development we’re going to run out of resources, including energy.

So The Energy Institute is finding low-carbon solutions to the world’s biggest energy challenges - namely creating clean economic growth and meeting zero carbon emissions (of which Sheffield has declared to meet by 2030, well in advance of the 2050 UK target).

The focus is on five core pillars:

  1. Electrical energy storage
  2. Nuclear
  3. Circular economy
  4. Wind
  5. Conventional power

They bring together innovations such as the PV_Live Solar energy tracker, devised right here in the city, with the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC), and have won funding to secure a new £21m Translational Energy Research Centre at which further studies and applied research can be carried out to solve one of the biggest crises of our times.


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