The Healthy Lifespan Institute

The Healthy Lifespan Institute focuses on understanding the biological and socio-economic drivers of disease and ageing and looks at how we can intervene to support healthy ageing for all.

They are the first institute in the UK focussed on preventing age-related illness throughout a person’s life, not just at the very end, which is quite a radically different and crucially important way of looking at life.

In the UK and internationally, populations are living longer and, as we age, many of us are living with more than one chronic health problem. Improving health and quality of life is a worthwhile goal in itself, but a secondary important factor is reducing the associated health and social care costs.

Their research pillars are:

As with other successful Sheffield projects, collaboration across disciplines is the key ingredient - and this institute has it in spades, with a renowned team including researchers who are considered leaders in their field and ranked among the top 40 researchers globally for the quality of their scientific outputs.


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