The Neuroscience Institute

The Neuroscience Institute at the University of Sheffield brings together leading experts in medicine, science and engineering to better understand the nervous system and tackle the biggest challenges in neuroscience. It is at the frontier of a fascinating scientific field seeking to better understand neurological and sensory conditions – including chronic pain and motor neurone disease. 

It's a unique story thanks to the partnership with, and proximity to, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the facilities and access to the highest quality scientific technologies.

The work at the Institute is split into three pillars, with multidisciplinary research and cutting-edge facilities enabling the latest scientific knowledge to be translated into real-world solutions and better outcomes for patients across each of:

  1. Translational neuroscience
  2. Computational and systems neuroscience
  3. Sensory and developmental neuroscience

In November 2019 they received a highly sought after Queen's Anniversary Prize for innovation in neuroscience. This is the highest national honour that recognises outstanding work by UK universities and colleges that demonstrate quality and innovation in their research.

They have made several breakthroughs, including the Goldilocks collar for motor neurone disease sufferers, who until that point had no specific neck braces to their particular needs. Meeting the patient need is the more obvious aspect to the solution, but the fact it's made from the same materials that NASA use to line space suits is a bit more cutting edge.

They also have a strong track record in the use of computational and systems neuroscience approaches to understand how the brain and nervous system functions. By combining advanced computational, neuroimaging and other state-of-the-art research tools across different scales, they can investigate the function and dysfunction of the nervous system.



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