Charles Turner
Makes Sheffield

Director of Made in Sheffield

Sheffield makes... that's just it!

It's where I am from, it's where I live, it’s where my family have grown up and spread their wings, it’s where the skilled work force at that make my business thrive are from.

It's home, and it makes me happy.

We are a manufacturing city with a long history of manufactured products dating back over 800 years and is still at the cutting edge today with more to come from the excellent universities and businesses based here. But it is not all steel, blades, coding and engineering although that makes up the protected essence of Made in Sheffield.

Sheffield is a thriving arts centre with excellent craftsmen and women making art for the world. It is a centre of theatre, silver and gold smithing, performance art and who could forget our music.

Sheffield is a producer city, a manufacturing city, a globally renowned city, a creative city, an outdoor city, a cutting edge city and a city of makers. As such it deserves the simple accolade: Sheffield makes!

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