David Angrave
Makes Sheffield

Chief Operating Officer at Twinkl

Sheffield makes me genuinely excited!

I’m not from Sheffield originally. I lived in York for some time before coming here, but the City has become really special to me because it’s enabled me to have a real impact on education.

The thing that immediately made me fall in love with Sheffield was the passion that people here share for where they live. I have been fortunate enough to have visited lots of different places across the city and I regularly get to attend exhibitions and events here. I have always been inspired by how positive and enthused people are about living and working in Sheffield, wherever I go. It started as a new place of work, but Sheffield has become my home. I’m now just as passionate as everyone else about being in the city!

There is a great entrepreneurial spirit too; there are so many Sheffield born businesses that are having an exponential global impact. It is for this reason that I’m really excited about the potential of our new business accelerator, TwinklHive, which will support and grow EdTech start-ups in Sheffield. It’s a project that my very talented colleagues and I have put a lot of hard work and energy into.

I also focus a lot on building relationships and partnerships within the city, both nationally and internationally. This is something that I really enjoy, and that I believe everyone should be doing more of. Although I work for an educational business, education is something that I’m actually naturally passionate about and you will often find me in a Sheffield school, college, or university talking to and engaging with students. 

Sheffield has shown me what incredible things businesses and communities can do when they work together.

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