David Wood
Makes Sheffield

Chief Creative Officer, Jaywing

Sheffield makes me feel alive.

It's the city I chose to live and work in from 1991 after returning from studying and working in London for 7 years. I have owned and been involved with several businesses in the creative sector, culminating in my role as Chief Creative Officer for Jaywing - for whom I helped to transition into the new global headquarters in the centre of town adjoining its Cultural Industries Quarter, helping to improve a slightly forgotten area now again rapidly regenerating. I'm proud to say the building has done everything I hoped it would and more - picking up architectural awards and the coveted 'most inspiring place to work' in the North.

But more than that, it’s home, and the place we decided to raise our own family. My love of sport and the outdoors make it a great place to be. I love the independent and creative nature of the city, always drawn to the place and the people simultaneously, and although I travel quite extensively nothing beats being here. It’s full of authentic, decent and funny people!

It’s also very ‘liveable’. Compact enough to have a strong identity, yet big enough to support a diverse range of people and opportunities. Once people experience the city they tend to fall in love with it!

Through work we try and integrate and support the city, offering up our work and studio space for arts and culture organisations. In doing so we work closely with both universities and support local charities and initiatives. On a personal level, I’m part of a wider team helping develop the strategy for the progression of ‘Our Favourite Places’, a Sheffield based culture guide.


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