Edward Highfield
Makes Sheffield

Director of City Growth

Sheffield makes me... me

Despite my role for the city, I am not from here. But it is my home now and where I have chosen to start my family - it would be unthinkable to live anywhere else.  I can honestly say that as Director of City Growth at Sheffield City Council it is an absolute privilege to work on making Sheffield the best it can be.

This spans across economic development, regeneration, inward investment, planning, property, sustainability, transport, business growth... basically I have the best job in Sheffield. I love that we are seen as the underdog and the challenger. The human side and scale to Sheffield is like nowhere else, and above all, it's a joy that we are able to prove people wrong, again and again (not in a nasty way, just because it means we exceed expectations!).

Personally I also love the proximity to the Peak District, which I live on the edge of, whilst being able to work and enjoy all the great things that come with a big city, within a 20 minute commute. When I go for a walk or a meal I always bump into someone I know.

It's fantastic to know that I have the opportunity to do things that will make a positive difference for generations to come.

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