Jon Dallow
Makes Sheffield

Woodland and Parks Officer, Sheffield City Council

Sheffield makes me pledge my allegiance.

I moved here over 25 years ago to climb gritstone and get into conservation work. I am lucky enough in that time to have worked and played with people from across the whole city and seen the city grow and blossom.  

I arrived in the 1990s and saw the creative industries of the city collide as climbing, clubbing, music and the creative arts brought communities together and forged relationships on the crags, dancefloors and suburbs of Sheffield.

Designers Republic studio, Warp Records, The School Room, Psalter Lane Art College,  Rab, The Foundry Climbing Centre, The Arches club, are but a few of the many ‘Influencers’ that united groups and provided the uniform and soundtrack for that time.

I help manage the parks woodlands and countryside of the city. I work with different organisations and communities helping to conserve and engage people with the woodlands and countryside of Sheffield’s great outdoors. It’s a privileged position to be a custodian of these places and work with the fantastic people that live around them.

The diversity of my work varies like the seasons and has allowed me to meet many people across the city. These people and the environment that I work helps fuel my passion to get things done.

In Sheffield, I can step out my door and walk to the shops or to the woods in equal time. I have so many crags to climb, hills to ride or run up and flow down on my doorstep. The unique proposition of ‘Gritstone and Gravity’ of the city pull people from around the world.

To me, Creativity and Community oozes here. To the outsider, it is often hidden below a layer of South Yorkshire grit and sure-footed confidence that sees no need to brag and boast.

This ‘big village’  was a fantastic playground to inhabit back in my youth and is a fantastic place to raise my family in now. It's my home, my place of work and my playground. I have lived here the longest of any place I have lived in my life.

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