Mark Mobbs
Makes Sheffield

Marketing Manager for City Campaigns, Sheffield City Council

Sheffield makes everything fall into place for me.

It's fair to say I've gone around the houses a bit. From a BA in Philosophy to an MA in Film; a career with some of the world's leading brand agencies to working on a vineyard and being a Hut Warden and then Ranger for the Department of Conservation in New Zealand... and luckily for me, plenty of travelling and seeing the world in between.

But nowhere ever felt quite right. Until I came home. It's amazing what it takes to make you realise what you've got, and whilst there's definitely things Sheffield doesn't have (the sea!), nowhere else compares when it comes to a place to actually live.

So working on the creation of the new iteration of Sheffield's brand and identity and a new campaign and voice for the city whilst at Jaywing was an honour. And to then get the job working directly for the city to roll that out, and now potentially become the European City of the Year, is quite literally an absolute privilege. My job is simply to tell the best of what Sheffield can be, working with people from all sorts of backgrounds and industries to help make us all, collectively, more recognised for the amazing things that happen here. Turning up to work on this day in, day out, is the best thing I can think of putting my energy into.

It makes raising my children here all the more special, it makes all the projects, developments, initiatives and beginnings even more linked to what I value, and it makes all the people I see cycling, walking or eating and drinking on my way around the city all the more unique.

I've always been a restless soul, but I honestly have no idea how you'd get me to leave.

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