Richelle Quinn
Makes Sheffield

Head of Strategic Marketing, Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield makes me feel at home.

My interactions with the city of Sheffield are multiple. As Head of Strategic Marketing for Sheffield Hallam University, it is integral to our strategy that we communicate the benefits of the city to our multiple audiences on an ongoing basis.

And there are so many benefits from the creativity of the city to the outdoor and adventure side, the alternative and independent offer alongside the authentic, honest and friendly people.

Personally, as a non-Sheffield native, it is a fantastic city to live in with great educational and recreational opportunities for families. The city is important for my husband’s family who, for generations, have run a factory that makes traditional sweets. As an SME they benefit hugely from interactions across the city and with the two Universities. 

Working with the Sheffield Brand Partnership on defining the image of the city and the 'Makes' campaign really drew out the character of the city to me. And that character is within the people who live and work here every day. Where once I thought people were humble I came to realise that it was an understated pride. Sheffield-ers are proud to be from Sheffield, they are proud of the city and they are proud of our accomplishments – they just don’t necessarily see the need to boast about it. They just get on. I love this down to earth attitude! 

Sheffield is special to me because it is where my children are growing up. It is shaping their futures and I’m looking forward to seeing how they can help shape Sheffield’s future.

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