Stephen Betts
Makes Sheffield

The leader of Learn Sheffield

Sheffield makes me who I am.

I was born and grew up here. I returned here to live, work and bring up my own children.

The overwhelming majority of my family and friends are connected to here too – through birth, life or memories!

The character (the Outdoor City that sometimes doesn’t think of itself as a city), places (sports stadiums, theatres, parks, galleries, etc.) and especially people.

I work in education. I will always be a primary school headteacher but I currently lead Learn Sheffield which works with all Sheffield schools and colleges.  

It has been the backdrop to almost every significant moment in my life and is central to my happiest (and saddest) memories.

The city is full of truly special places but it is the people that elevate it for me – down to earth, slightly cynical, dripping in irony, humour and love.

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