Vanessa Toulmin
Makes Sheffield

Professor and Director of City and Culture, University of Sheffield

Vanessa is Director of City and Culture at the University of Sheffield, but her dedication, energy and enthusiasm take her way beyond her actual job title.

It would be impossible to list everything she has been involved in, but as you'll see throughout this website from Sheffield Makes Music to the Mausoleum of the Giants, and Off the Shelf to helping fun Sheffield Beer Week.

She has also worked on projects like Sheffield City of Makers, which sought to demonstrate economic vibrancy through culture and heritage, and delivered great things to people and communities citywide whilst also putting the city on the map in ways it hadn't been before.

She has also been a key member of the Brand Partnership since its inception, helping to steer the way we tell our story to how it is today. Her value to Sheffield is quite simply immeasurable.

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