Sustainable Growth

We make growth for the future, not just for the sake of it

The City Growth department of Sheffield City Council are committed to supporting businesses, investors, event organisers, entrepreneurs and SMEs. The focus is to secure long-lasting and sustainable growth for our economy and our people, so that education has a pathway through to careers, and businesses have a place to properly call home.

From securing deals at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre for companies like Boeing, McLaren and Rolls Royce, to assisting Dragon's Den winners like Will Chew to start up a curry paste business, we have the people to help.

But collaboration is essential, which is why below we have also featured organisations like the Sheffield Property Association and Made In Sheffield, who both contribute significantly to the make-up of our city.

Invest Sheffield, Conference Sheffield and Business Sheffield are provided by the City Growth department of Sheffield City Council, and all of them work in conjunction and collaboratively with the combined authority Sheffield City Region and their Growth Hub, as well as Sheffield BID

Below you can read more about the specific ways our organisations and others in Sheffield provide great examples of how a city's economy is set up to sustain long-lasting growth.


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