World leading manufacturing and engineering

Where to start… Sheffield has long been known for its manufacturing exports, which are now more specialised and specific (as companies like Gripple will demonstrate).

As with everything the trick is developing, refining and re-focusing the skills and knowledge base to further our global potential. Numerous companies in Sheffield work with technology and manufacturing, and importantly they are supported, fed and developed through the prestige and prowess of our Universities, which are both phenomenal centres in their own right. So much so that the University of Sheffield recently took the lead as the highest funded institute in the UK. The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing and Research Centre has been a significant driver for this - but so too have the students, apprentices, staff and management of companies such as Boeing, Airbus and McLaren.
Meanwhile at Sheffield Hallam University the national Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 rated 56% of submitted research by the Materials and Engineering Research Institute at Sheffield Hallam University at a prestigious 4* and 3* rating, meaning world-leading and internationally excellent.

This is what Made in Sheffield sought to bring together when it was established - a globally recognised brand mark that highlights the incredible breadth of what Sheffield encompasses in this industry.

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