A city of makers

Wherever you look in Sheffield you'll find making of some kind. Whether it's manufacturing, digital, arts, jewellery, stone, beer, wood or anything else people can turn their hands and minds to. 

Sometimes it blends all of these things, like virtual reality painting of the dark matter in the universe, and other times it's just about the timeless classics like David Mellor design. There are loads of people trying to create more equality in certain sectors too -  Girls With Drills is a perfect example - and trying to encourage kids to be more involved through places like Brightbox.

The most comprehensive way of finding out about makers in the city is the City of Makers website. This was a year long project in 2016 celebrating the city's heritage and forward thinking all at once, and although it's a few years ago now, the body of work and all-encompassing approach to 'making' is still hugely representative of our identity as a place.

There are also a number of makers shops dotted around the city, such as the one in the Winter Gardens, one at Hunters Bar, one on Abbeydale Road and for the more traditional Sheffield wares, the Famous Sheffield Shop on Ecclesall Road.

Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust often have maker days where the public can go and see glass, jewellery, knife and other types of making in the studios of the people who still use these beautiful and original courtyard workspaces. A number of galleries and creative spaces also hold regular open days and markets for makers - these are always detailed on the Visit section of the Welcome to Sheffield website.


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